CCTV is critical to ensuring that you are protected as an organizer from theft or other crime.  CCTV also allows you to analyze crowd movement and crowd control during your events and when you plan future events.

Event Installation

Kite Systems can rent CCTV equipment for you so that you can install your own command center and cameras on your event site.

We can also help you design your security theatre with placement of cameras to view important points, such as cash payments stalls, ticketing stalls, or accounting offices.  We can also help with designing a layout that ensures a clear view of crowd movement, entrances, exits, and crowd control so that impediments to movement or other problems can be quickly identified.

This would include design, layout, cabling, networking, and command post setup.  The typical command post setup includes a CCTV "head" system which all cameras are connected to.  It also includes a network switch and a large screen TV.

Point Tilt Zoom (PTZ)

There are a couple of different camera types that we can help you with.  The most robust is called Point Tilt Zoom (PTZ).  This means that it can point, tilt, and zoom the camera lense so that you can follow individuals or items around on the camera in the command post.  You can also change the view to see in all directions.

These cameras are very useful for overseeing major critical areas of the event where crowd control and understanding how people are moving within your event is imperative.

Fixed Cameras

Kite Systems can also supply fixed CCTV cameras.  They are more cost effective, but the camera angle cannot be controlled from the command center once they are installed.  These are most useful when strategically placed in multiple angles on ticketing booth, cash top up stalls, accounting offices, or other important areas.

Recording and Archiving

The CCTV recorder head can record the camera footage over the course of your event.  You can purchase the hard drive to keep so that when you plan subsequent events in the future, you can go back and review the footage and make changes based upon crowd movement or other occurences.

Permanent Site Installation

In addition to providing CCTV needs for the event industry, we can install a permanent system for your office or retail outlet.

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